German New Medicine

Healing from Disease and Chronic Health Issues

Dr. Hamer’s rediscovery of the 5 biological laws of nature which he named ‘German New Medicine’, was founded on the basis that all diseases are triggered in a moment by an unanticipated and traumatic experience – called the Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS).

The DHS, named in honor of Dr. Hamer’s late son, sets into action a Special Biological Program (SBP) instigated by the brain.

When these traumatic events are left unresolved, they can lead to diseases, and chronic ill health issues.

For German New Medicine (GNM) is a new understanding of physiology – of what’s occurring in the body and why. Once we understand the basic principles of GNM, we have a much clearer understanding of any action required to resolve all poor health conditions.

All natural diseases (excluding physical trauma and poisoning) have a specific reason for being – it is nature’s repair mechanism.

Once we understand the nature of your disease or chronic health issue, and the Special Biological Program (SBP) that has been set into action, we can determine the likely nature of the traumatic event (DHS) that affected your psyche. With this information, we can devise what is necessary to fully resolve the ‘conflict shock’ that you are subconsciously dealing with.

As a GNM certified clinician, Richard Laker can assist you in discovering and isolating the traumatic event, and explain how it relates to the disease or chronic ill health you may have. He will then investigate the remaining ‘tracks’ (the events or experiences that allegedly remind your psyche of unresolved emotional conflicts), so that the biological program can either complete in full, by getting into the second and final stage of ‘repair and healing’, or to prevent further relapses as in the case of chronic conditions.

Unlock the ‘Barrier’ that’s preventing you from Healing.

The Benefits of German New Medicine

The fascinating aspect of exploring the mind and body connection in the context of the Biological Laws of German New Medicine lies in the ability to shed light on the underlying reasons why diseases or chronic conditions persist even after addressing external factors such as: parasites or mold exposure, or after dealing with initial cancer treatment, or even when adhering to a healthy diet and exercise regime, despite stagnant progress in weight loss.

  • Heal from Disease and Chronic Health Issues
    Resolving the trauma from a previous unanticipated shocking event will allow your body to start the recovery process into the necessary ‘healing’ phase. The first step is to identify and acknowledge the shocking event underlying the development of the physical symptoms and to understand how we felt, and what the event meant to us. This requires self-reflection and an openness to explore the root causes of one’s health concerns.
  • Support your Natural Healing Process
    Adopting a holistic approach to health and wellness. This includes maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, managing stress, and getting enough restorative sleep without the need for medical intervention.
  • Prevention of Future Illnesses / Diseases
    Understanding the emotional conflicts associated with certain diseases can help you identify and address potential triggers before illness develops.
  • Psychological Support
    Richard Laker can provide psychological support and counseling alongside his approach, which some individuals may find beneficial in dealing with emotional issues.

Keep in mind that disease and symptoms do not exist solely in the realm of the mind or the body; they encompass both. The Biological Laws of German New Medicine serve as a reminder that you are a ‘complete and interconnected individual’.

The 5 Biological Laws of German New Medicine

  1. First Biological Law – The Iron Rule of Cancer
    Every Special Biological Program (SBP) originates from an unanticipated, isolating and shocking experience that occurs simultaneously on three levels of the psyche, the brain and the organ.
    At the moment of the shock, the nature of the biological conflict determines the location of the organs relay on the brain, and the location of the corresponding organ as a disease process.
    The development of the biological program from the moment of the shock, the period of active stress, the resolution, and the ‘healing and repair’ process to normalisation runs synchronously on all the three levels of the psyche, brain and organ.
  2. Second Biological Law – The Law of Two Phases
    Every disease process or SBP consists of two phases following an unanticipated shocking event.
    The first phase is the lasting cold active stress phase where we will recognise symptoms of cold extremities, loss of appetite, waking up at 3am, and continually worrying about the event that was experienced at the moment of the shock.
    On finding a resolution to the unanticipated event or coming to terms with what we had experienced, we then enter the second phase being the healing phase.
    The Hot Healing Phase is where we will experience the majority of symptoms such as infections and most common ailments. We will also recognise that our extremities become warm again, our appetite returns, and the constant worry stops. We no longer wake at 3am, but will find that we have difficulty sleeping before 3am.
    In the middle of the Healing and Repair Phase (the second phase), there is the Healing Crisis, also known as the ‘epileptoid crisis’. It is a short period where we will temporarily re-experience the moment of the shock.
  3. Third Biological Law – The Ontogenetic System of Disease
    Every biological program of disease originating from the psyche, brain, organ relationship has developed specifically to deal with the nature of the conflict surrounding the shocking and isolating event.
    A disease that affects the ‘musculoskeletal system’ is of the nature of a ‘self-devaluation’ type of conflict, whereas a disease that affects the ‘skin’, is in the nature of a ‘separation’ conflict. Each germ layer responds to a specific set of circumstances based on the context of the preceding shock.
  4. Fourth Biological Law – The Ontogenetic System of Microbes
    The ontogenetic system of microbes is the correlation of the microbe directed to the embryonic layer dependent on the organ and the stage of the two phases that are currently active.
    Bacteria and fungi are produced for specific purposes depending on the SBP that is taking place.
    The body’s natural bacteria and fungi production are synchronous with the nature of our intended survival programs.
  5. Fifth Biological Law – The Quintessence of the Healing Phases
    The quintessential fifth biological law of nature is that every disease has a meaningful purpose in nature, having developed through evolution of life itself. Nature makes no mistakes, and each significant biological program of nature is perfectly executed to take control of the process of natural healing without the assistance of external intervention.

Further Information

Examples of a DHS (An unanticipated shocking event)

Some examples of a DHS that may precede the onset of illness, or a health issue include:

  • Receiving news that was difficult to take in, digest or comprehend.
  • A loss or separation.
  • A job loss, income loss, or loss of a loved one.
  • A personal ‘attack’ such as an offending remark.
  • A life-threatening situation, in the course of an accident, or during a medical emergency.

What separates a shocking and isolating event (DHS) that leads to disease or a health setback from regular everyday stress is that the following criteria occur simultaneously:

  • unexpected, shocking, surprising.
  • dramatic and highly emotional.
  • isolating.

The response is not mediated by the conscious mind, but instead unconsciously through automatic ‘fight or flight’ response.

The unconscious mind instantly activates an ‘organ relay’ at a particular location of the brain according to your subjective interpretation of the conflict.

Clinicians have observed in CT scans, the formation of concentric rings (where the brain receives and interprets the conflict). As a result of this. a Biological Special Program (SBS) is set into motion.

Examples of SBP (Special Biological Program)

Each Special Biological Program (SBP) is purportedly associated with a particular type of emotional conflict and corresponds to specific areas of the brain. According to GNM, these conflicts and their corresponding biological programs are universal and can manifest as various diseases or symptoms depending on the individual’s unique experiences and circumstances. Here are some examples of Special Biological Programs:

  1. Lung Cancer
    • Biological Conflict: Fear of Death.
    • SBS Response: The development of lung cancer is viewed as a program to enhance the lung’s capacity to absorb oxygen in response to the perceived threat.
  2. Intra Ductal Breast Cancer
    • Biological Conflict: Separation Conflict. A loved one is torn from the breast.
    • SBS Response: In GNM, cancer in the milk ducts is believed to be the body’s response to a separation conflict, enhancing the milk ducts to address the separation, whereas glandular breast cancer is viewed as a response to a worry conflict concerning one’s nest or loved ones.
  3. Skin Conditions (e.g. Eczema)
    • Biological Conflict: Separation Conflict or Attack Conflict.
    • SBS Response: Skin conditions are considered a response to conflicts related to separation (e.g., feeling separated from someone) or attack (e.g.attack of ones integrity)..

  1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    • Biological Conflict: A feeling of being thrown off course, or making a wrong decision.
    • SBS Response: To prevent moving further in the wrong direction.
  2. Anxiety
    • Biological Conflict: A constellation of 2 different organ ducts.
    • SBS Response: Consumed with fear, incapable of thinking clearly.

The Kidney Collecting Tubule Syndrome (KCTS)

Possibly the most important biological program to understand is the Kidney Collecting Tubule Syndrome (KCTS).

This program responds to conflicts where there is a perceived threat to the survival for ourselves or a loved one. When activated, the kidney tubules will begin to store fluid. Nature’s reason for this is to ensure our vital organs can perform for a prolonged period of time, simply buying us time to find a solution to our conflict shock.

When the KCTS is active, fluid is also directed to organs that are going through the healing and repair phase. Complications can arise if the KCTS is not resolved and can lead to conditions such as ascites and pleural effusion.

During a consultation, the KCTS is always considered and addressed.


Tracks are an important concept to understand when using GNM. At the moment of the shocking event, the subconscious records all sensual information that is perceived as part of the potential threat in that moment.

If we do not resolve the conflict, nature will downgrade the ‘conflict stress activity’ over time. However, having not resolved the conflict, we can then find when we are exposed again to those subconscious reminders, we will ‘track’ back to the original conflict, and the old wound will reopen.

All allergies in fact, are tracks linking back to a preceding conflict shock. When tracks are experienced on a frequent basis, we will then likely experience a chronic health condition. Long lasting conditions are often referred to as a ‘hanging healing conflict’.

Tracks are simply reminders to a previous unresolved conflict.

The Consultation and Treatment Process

If you are suffering with a medical health condition and are seeking to explore the psyche, brain and body connection then a consultation with Richard Laker is highly recommended.

German New Medicine sessions usually last between 60 – 90 minutes, and are conducted through conversation between yourself and Richard.

Information about your past experiences, family and relationships are usually investigated to explore how they could coincide with your specific complaint. Looking at the circumstances surrounding the development of the condition reported is generally the focus of the consultation.

To begin with, a medical diagnosis is ideally required as GNM is not intended as, or a substitute for a medical diagnosis and nor does a GNM consultation consist of any medical advice. Following a medical diagnosis, it is desirable to be familiar with the five biological laws of nature as this will minimise the time needed to work out the ‘responsible’ conflict.

The Initial Consultation will determine the phase of the biological program that you are currently experiencing. The conversation will be directed according to whether the stress phase needs to be resolved, or the healing phase needs to be realised. Many questions will be asked to determine set patterns in your life, in order to build a clear vision of your biological state.

Follow-up Consultations will support your health journey, whether you’re in the stress phase, and still resolving, or to see how you’re progressing in the healing phase to see it through to resolution.

Appointment Fees

Initial Consultation

(90 – 120 minutes)
This is to determine the phase of the biological program that the patient is currently experiencing.

A review on your supplied Medical History

Confirmation of Biological Programe you are in

Receive Plan-of-Action to Remedy Health Situation

Follow-Up Consultation

(90 minutes)
Support for ongoing Health Situation.

See how you are progressing towards Resolution

Update Plan-of-Action if required

Follow-Up Consultation

(60 minutes)
Support for ongoing Health Situation.

See how you are progressing towards Resolution

Update Plan-of-Action if required

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