Body Typing

This is included as part of every adult Initial Consultation. It offers you a way to best determine your body type. From there you will discover the best diet and supplement protocol for your individual type.

The theory and research around body-typing have been around for the last 50+ years. In the past, your body type was determined by a long questionnaire. Now, a more scientific approach to body-typing has been developed. This allows for greater accuracy and even better results.

We all have different body types, and as such, when it comes to diet and lifestyle, ‘no one size fits all’. This is why different people have varying successes with different diets.

During this process, your body type determines the best diet and supplement regime for you. Depending on your body type, the presence or absence of certain enzymes will be affecting your metabolism and overall health. Different body types are more prone to certain health conditions for this reason. By sorting out the right diet according to your type and supplementing with type-specific enzymes and probiotics, you can begin to support your health in an optimal way. No more guesswork! If you have a health condition, there will be a protocol specific to your illness.

The diet is very easy to follow and not too prescriptive at all. The enzyme therapy not only resolves many digestive issues, it also assists to clean out cells and tissues from the deposited waste matter that accumulates over time due to poor digestion and the modern lifestyle. As such, this can really help with pain conditions and inflammation. Early research is showing that this approach is great for weight loss, lowering cholesterol and reducing the oxidative stress responsible for premature ageing and its related health conditions. This is a very good starting point for anyone that wants to start to shift from their current health status.