Medical Health Coach

‘Become the Best Version of Yourself’

Reverse engineer the process of chronic disease, stress and burnout. 

Embrace mind and body health as a way of life.

Helping you transform into the greatest version of you, Dr Deschu Sahayam offers unique programmes that bridges the gap between medicine and wellness.

Grounded in evidence based medicine and the science of human physiology. You will learn to rewire the biochemical pathways of the brain and body, and learn to move out of fight or flight. 

Discover an integrated approach to mind-body wellness that will revolutionise the way you live. Essential to improving decision making, performance and concentration. My goal is to teach you to live and thrive to ‘become the best version of yourself’.

These one of a kind Medical-Health Coaching programmes brings together more than twenty tools and practices that are integrated into a framework of clinical medicine, human physiology and Inner consciousness.

Life itself is a privilege, but to live life to the fullest – well, that is a choice!

Health and Wellness Overview

To fully understand Health & Wellness, we must first understand the workings of the brain and body, and how we create our reality.

As an energy efficient, and very effective machine, the human body is built for survival. Its most important job is NOT our next project or a deadline to meet, its most important job, and core function is to keep us alive.

The brain is a prediction machine whose actions are dependent on past experience. The meaning we give to the events of the past, is the lens through which we create our future.

Every cell of the brain-body unit is in a state of constant flux adapting and changing to who we are, and the life we live. This then forms the template through which we create our future and the destiny we walk towards.

Everything matters, the thoughts we think, the beliefs we embrace as true, and the behaviours that define us. They are what create the tapestry that is the life we live, and the future we create.

Emotions of anger, sadness, hate and fear are linked to the meaning we assign to an external experience.

But every emotion is chemistry; a weather pattern defined by a specific series of chemical reactions.

  • Are we dominated by the survival pathways of the sympathetic-fight or flight, or are we defined and aligned to the pathways of the parasympathetic-rest & digest?
  • Even so, how can we change the chemistry of our dominant state?
  • How can we change the meaning assigned to the experience and transform fear and sadness into love and acceptance?

This is what you will learn step-by-step through this unique and empowering programme.

Programme Options

Dr Deschu offers 3 signature programmes that will be further tailored to your individual needs:

  1. Stress and Lifestyle Management
    • This programme focuses on mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and is ideally suited to those who lead busy, stressful lives and need to incorporate practices that help them move out of “fight or flight”.
  2. Disease Prevention through Lifestyle
    • This programme focuses on the practical aspects of day-to-day life that enable mind and body to stay in a dominant healing state (parasympathetic mode). Whilst ideally suited to those suffering with chronic disease or those in remission from cancer, it is still a way of life that empowers every single one of us and brings us in alignment with longevity and health.
  3. Become the Life You Want
    • This programme includes the above two programmes.
    • In addition you will also learn how to focus on vision, manifestation techniques, and goals that allow you to alter your vibrational state of being.

Zoom (Video) Appointment Fees

Stress and Lifestyle Management

A Session is between 1.5hrs – 2hrs.
Course generally requires 6 – 8 Sessions with a session each week.

Focus on Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness

Learn how to move out of ‘Fight or Flight’

WhatsApp or Email Support
(In-between Sessions)

Become the Best Version of Yourself!
£250 / Session  

Disease Prevention through Lifestyle

A Session is between 1.5hrs – 2hrs.
Course generally requires 6 – 8 Sessions with a session each week.

Learn how to stay in Dominant Healing State.
(Parasympathetic Mode)

Great for Chronic Diseases and fighting Cancer

Great for maintaining Good Health and Longevity

WhatsApp or Email Support
(In-between Sessions)

Become the Best Version of Yourself!
£250 / Session  

Become the Life You Want

A Session is between 1.5hrs – 2hrs.
Course generally requires 12 Sessions with a session each week.

Includes Stress and Lifestyle Management programme

Includes Disease Prevention through Lifestyle programme

Learn Manifestation Techniques to Align yourself to your Goals

WhatsApp or Email Support
(In-between Sessions)

Become the Life You Want!
£250 / Session  

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    Farrah Kalaff Farsi


    As I worked with her, it soon became evident that her experience offers a breadth and depth that is difficult to find in a regular counselling session.

    Dr Rebecca Belfitt

    I have gone from not being able to walk more than 100 yards to actually jogging!!!

    I never dreamt this would be possible.

    Dr Clare Raynor

    Consultant in Occupational Health

    Deschu brings us back to what is important in our lives and where we are now.

    She leads us to find the place where we can live our best lives and has a wonderful holistic approach to wellbeing.