Colonic Hydrotherapy and Enema Treatments

Start your Health Journey with a Clean Gut

The colon is the body’s sewage system. If the toxins present are not removed, the result is auto-intoxication; waste materials intended for a healthy exit, become reabsorbed into the bloodstream, and is redistributed around the body. These toxins eventually collect in organs and other areas, wreaking havoc.

As the years continue to pass and an unhealthy lifestyle is maintained, the body becomes overwhelmed by toxicity and subsequent health problems and complaints are likely to occur.

Colonic hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle technique used to clean the colon, which in turn, benefits the whole body in many ways.

This internal internal cleansing of the colon is done with circulating purified water in the bowel to encourage an in-depth removal of waste, mucus, and gases. As a result, the colon will function better with a much improved absorption of water-soluble nutrients into the body. The procedure also re-shapes and re-tones the colon.

You will experience sensations of lightness and clarity, both physically and mentally.

Edwige Cabanetos provides two forms of colonic hydrotherapy, the first being a ‘closed system’ called the ‘Aqua System’ or the ‘open system’, called the ‘Angel of Water’.

She also provides Enema Treatments which is another form of colon cleansing using which was once commonplace or it can be used as a method to boost gut health.

Cleanse the Gut and Rejuvenate the Body.

Symptoms of an Unhealthy Gut

When the gut is clean and functioning well, we feel happy. Let it stagnate and it will distill the poison of decay, fermentation and putrefaction into the blood, poisoning the brain and nervous system, so that we become mentally depressed and irritable. It will poison the heart so then we are weak and listless; poisons the lungs so that the breath is foul; poison the digestive organs so that we are distressed and bloated, and poisons the blood so that the skin is sallow and unhealthy. 

In short, every organ of the body becomes poisoned, and it ages prematurely. We look and feel old, with joints stiffening with increased pain. Neuritis, dull eyes and a sluggish brain encroach upon us, and the pleasure of living is gone.

Typical health symptoms include:

  • Arthritis
  • Migraines
  • Skin Problems
  • Heart Diseases
  • Overall Stomach Complaints and Diseases
  • Constipation

Many of these health conditions are brought on through:

  • Air pollution
  • Chemicals in everyday foods
  • Everyday beauty and household products
  • Central heating and air conditioning
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes

To reverse these health conditions and gain optimal health requires not only cleansing the colon and gut, but to also be aware of your diet, maintain detoxification through supplements, and regular exercise.

Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

Overall you will experience many improvements in the overall function of your body and the colon hydrotherapy will help to:

Reduce Bloating and Feeling Heaviness

A colonic provides quick relief for bloating sensations. Once the treatment has been completed, enough gases will have passed out of the bowel which will provide relief. It is important if you are suffering with this to follow my after-care guide that will help your bowel to avoid the build-up of too much bloating again once you had a colonic.

Improve Digestion

Naturopathic medicine states that when the bowel doesn’t work to its optimum or there is a malfunction, it affects the rest of the body since the bowel is the main pillar in maintaining health of all other systems of the body. Think about the domino effect and how much relevant this statement becomes when you start having acid refluxes, headaches, extra weight, water retention, discomfort after meals, moodiness, sugar cravings etc… One might take digestive enzymes to help the stomach break down the food for better digestion, or use pharmaceuticals such as antacids to relief belching when in fact, the bowel has been compromised and the digestive enzyme or antacids simply don’t work (or only for a little while until the symptom returns). I witnessed many of my clients regaining a better digestion after having only a few colonics, sometimes just the one treatment is enough to recognise a positive effect on lessening their issue and improve their digestion.

Feel Healthy and Rejuvenated

A colonic brings deep hydration into the colon because of the use of purified water for a 30 to 45 minutes period of time while the cleanse takes place. Just imagine the satisfying sensation you feel when you drink a glass of water after a Yoga session or a run and how healthy and rejuvenated you feel! That’s one of the comment many people make after their colonic treatment.

Re-Shape and Re-Tone the Colon

The stimulating effect of the water entering and exiting the colon intensifies its muscles movement throughout the treatment (30 to 45 minutes). It is quite common after your colonic to feel like you just had an “abs” work-out! You might feel slightly achy indeed for a day or two afterward on your abdomen area. This muscle movement trains your bowel to pass its content more fully in time. The frequent comment that I hear from my clients is that their bowel movements feel more complete after they had a colonic and also becomes more regular.

Clear the Skin

The hydration effect of a colonic will naturally brings lubrication to your gut, clearing out its waste content which might possibly be the cause of a skin break out in the first place (overloaded gut with old matters lodged deep within it, polluting the body). The skin is part of the detoxifying organs of the body and when the gut is not able to clear out properly, then the skin takes over and this is when one might see a break-out of spots on their face, neck, back or other places on the body. Many people pick up on the glow of their skin after having a colonic (if they don’t notice it, a colleague, friend or relative will and make a lovely comment about how healthy they look).

Improve Mental Clarity

A colonic will allow you to learn how to re-connect with your gut as it helps restore the healthy gut-brain connection. A fundamental link between the gut and the brain is rebuilt throughout a colonic because the water constantly flows in the bowel triggering its waste evacuation. Therefore they both, the brain and the gut, pick up on this very important neural pathway, learn and remember it so it can re-create it over and over again until it is back to a healthy mechanism again. I also personally engage you with your bowel, teaching you methods for you to incorporate into your daily life, so you can turn your health around and re-gain control of your body. I use breathing, visualisation and massage techniques which will help you make a real difference in your behaviour for when you leave the clinic.

Provide the Perfect Platform for a Total Detox

The reason you should have colonics throughout any Detox program is simply because detoxing is a very toxic process to the body. As ironic as this may sound, adding colonics to your Detox is meant to accelerate the exit of toxins, therefore giving you a deeper and more successful cleanse.

Improve Circulation

Dr Bernard Jensen said: “The colon is the key to life. Every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the intestinal system. When the intestines are dirty, the blood is dirty, and so are the organs and tissues. It is the intestinal system that has to be cared for, before any effective healing can take place. We most frequently do not die through old age but a life time of acidic accumulation”.

The lymphatic system runs by the side of the circulatory (cardiovascular) system. Any unwanted residues from the circulatory system are collected from its neighbour, the lymphatic system so it can be taken out the body to avoid intoxication, otherwise the body would pile up with toxins and jeopardise our health. Colonic irrigation is a good choice of treatment in facilitating this mechanism due to the water helping the drainage of those toxins. Of course, if your lymphatic system is not working to its optimum, the detoxifying effect becomes sluggish, and you’d start feeling the effect of toxins overload (ie: water retention) therefore the use of colonics is extremely helpful in this situation.

Allow Vital Nutrients to be Absorbed Easily

The colon is responsible for the synthesis of certain vitamins (namely vitamin K and some of the B’s plus others), and the absorption of water-soluble nutrients into the body. Since our body directly absorbs vitamins and nutrients through the colon’s wall, a thoroughly cleaned colon’s wall is evidently vital to ensure the best physiological exchange of nutrients, electrolytes and water. If you are on a supplementation regime and after one month of intake, you don’t feel any different, you might need to either question the quality of the supplements, their dosage, or you simply might need a colonic in order to improve the absorption of those supplements to benefit their optimal and therapeutic effects.

Reduce or Eliminate Constipation

Severe constipation is caused by many different factors from a stressful lifestyle, eating processed foods, a lack of fibre and water in our diet, or even ignoring the call of nature too often and not doing enough exercise. Iron supplementation and the use of some medication such as narcotic-type, pain-killers including codeine, and some other medicines used to control blood pressure, are also known to cause constipation. Constipation is a clear sign of a stressed or simply malfunctioning colon, having a knock on effect onto the whole body systems, and leading to a diversity of diseases and disorders. Colonic Hydrotherapy is a great method for alleviating constipation. This powerful holistic tool could help you with a kick start to a healthy living, and also highly hydrating, improve your gut’s health, the core of your well-being.

Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments

Open system is a self use device but I can still be with them if they require my assistance. It is a nozzle insertion (which either they can do or I do it for them) the nozzle is like pencil thin. The open system is also best for severe constipation as the patient can freely push out in the basin which cannot be done on the closed system.

The closed system uses a speculum which I have to insert. There is a tubing system linked to the speculum and therefore water goes in from a water line whilst the waste goes back out through a waste pipe. One speculum, 2 exits

  1. Angel of Water
    This ‘open system’ is a self use device but the therapist can still be with you if you require my assistance. It is a nozzle insertion which is the size of a pencil. This system is best for severe constipation as the patient can freely push out into the basin which cannot be done on the closed system.
  2. Aqua System
    This ‘closed system’ uses a speculum which the therapist has to insert. There is a tubing system linked to the speculum, and therefore water goes in from a water line whilst the waste goes back out through a waste pipe.

Enema Treatments

Enemas can be traced back to ancient times when people implemented enema treatments in the rivers, by using hollow reeds to induce water to flow into the rectum. This cleansing ritual was used in primitive tribes from the Amazon. In fact, some surviving tribes continue the traditional colon cleansing practice to this day.

The type of Enema used for your treatment is called a ‘Retention Enema’. It means injecting a solution into the rectum and holding for a specific period of time. An implant or retention enema generally uses only enough liquid, to fill the rectum and possibly the sigmoid colon. These enemas can be anything from 500ml to 1 litre of water, blended with a solution: some people will be able to hold the full litre while others will only be half, depending upon the size of the sigmoid colon and rectum and other factors.

We do not recommend enemas alone if there is a long standing constipation issue, as it will not have a deep enough effect. We would strongly recommend that you have the Colonic Hydrotherapy beforehand. If you have a daily bowel movement and you want to boost up hydration or enhance your gut’s health, then the enema treatment will suffice.

There are 3 different Enema Treatments we provide:

  1. Coffee Enema
    The coffee stimulates the liver to increase its detoxification of the blood and decrease the toxic load on the liver. This includes removing a variety of toxins and free radicals from the bloodstream. The potent compounds in coffee are absorbed by the hemorrhoidal and mesenteric veins that route to the liver.
  2. Wheatgrass Enema
    Similar to a Coffee Enema, but differs in that wheatgrass is loaded with nutrients and oxygen that the body can use. Wheatgrass is used as a detoxifier in drinking it, and is also a detoxifier when given in an enema. It also has cleansing agents for the colon. 
  3. Probiotic Enema
    Probiotics are live microorganisms that benefit your body. The colon is home to billions of beneficial bacteria that play an important and complex role in digestion, immune function, and other bodily processes. Having the correct number and balance of microorganisms in your colon can help to reduce inflammation, improve the absorption of nutrients, prevent digestive issues, such as gas and bloating, and can help with weight loss. Also great for treating other digestive conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or ulcerative colitis (UC).

Appointment Fees

Aqua System
Colonic Hydrotherapy

This appointment takes 1.5 hours


Closed Water System

Assisted byTherapist

Enema Treatment

This appointment takes 30 minutes


Closed Water System

Assisted by Therapist

Coffee, Wheatgrass or Probiotic Enema

Angel of Water
Colonic Hydrotherapy

This appointment takes 1.5 hours


Open Water System

Recommended for Severe Constipation

Assisted by Therapist (Optional)

Aqua System or Angel of Water
Colonic Hydrotherapy

This appointment takes 1 hour

Quick Review

Open or Closed Water System

Assisted by Therapist
(Optional for Open System)

Aqua System
Colonic Hydrotherapy
& Enema Treatment

This appointment takes 1.5 hours


Closed Water System

Assisted by Therapist

Coffee, Wheatgrass or Probiotic Enema

Aqua System
Colonic Hydrotherapy
& Enema Treatment

This appointment takes 1 hour

Quick Review

Closed Water System

Assisted by Therapist

Coffee, Wheatgrass or Probiotic Enema

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    Jewel Ok

    Fab Edwige is truly amazing. I’ve been to a lot of health places around the world, and this is definitely the best treatment place I’ve ever been to. It a real hidden gem.

    From the moment I walked in, I felt a good Zen feeling. I had a colonic treatment along with a wheatgrass enema.

    Edwige is very professional and knows how to create the right atmosphere and energy. She’s a healer in every way.

    I wish I could give her 6 stars. This review was written the same day I had the treatment. I walked out of there feeling amazing, de-stressed, and healed.

    Best customer experience from a biohacker. Health optimisation is my goal in life. I’ve found my fav place. Great location, good prices, awesome treatment rooms.

    Antoinette Rivera

    This is a great place to have colonic hydrotherapy. Both the open and closed systems are available here. I opted for the open system.

    The pre-treatment consultation is thorough, and the treatment room itself was spotless and completely private with zero embarrassment. The care is professional.

    There’s even an array of drinks in the waiting room for afterwards, should you wish to sit before heading off. Edwige provides an important service here.

    Tete Munalula

    My experience with Edwige has been amazing.

    The clinic itself is relaxing, discreet and has a calming energy.

    I had issues with my gut after suffering from gastrointestinal issues when I had the stomach flu, and I had been having issues with my digestion in the past.

    The treatments have had a positive impact, and I am also taking the probiotics which were recommended to me by the clinic.

    I would recommend Edwige as she is very professional, and I have had great results from her.

    My gut health is improving, and my energy levels and symptoms keep improving.

    S K

    Edwige is magical! She is an experienced professional, very patient and intuitive; her clinic is clean and comfortable.

    I carried out the Waning Detox in August for 5 days and it proved to be an effective kickstart to my Detox journey. After it, I felt lighter, less bloated and healthier; it helped me reset some health patterns which were long dormant. It also brought more self-awareness into my eating habits and helped me connect with my gut.

    I will definitely be visiting again.

    Kaitlyn Wardle

    Edwige is so lovely, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed and even used essential oils in conjunction with the colonic.

    I went twice in two days and the treatment was gentle, effective, and professional.

    I cannot recommend it highly enough. Also, very reasonable prices for the area.