Dr Sheila Richards


Dr Sheila Richards believes in educating and empowering patients to take control of their own health. This is a healing partnership.

Each patient’s commitment to follow their health plan and incorporate personalised diet and lifestyle changes into daily life is essential for success.

Dr Sheila offers advanced genetic, nutritional and digestive function screening tests to inform her holistic Functional treatment plans.

As an active member of IFM and the growing Functional Medicine community, Dr Sheila continues to expand her knowledge of the latest cutting-edge Functional medicine techniques for application in practice.

She applies a systems biology approach to the management of chronic disease.

“I help people who are juggling the stresses and overwhelm of busy jobs and home life. The endless demands negatively impact on their health resulting in progressively worsening chronic symptoms such as stress, fatigue, poor sleep, pain, gut issues, autoimmune disease and difficulty maintaining healthy weight, blood pressure, blood cholesterol and glucose balance.

I help them to look at the whole picture to identify the root cause and understand how their symptoms have developed.

By modifying their diet, lifestyle and environmental factors I enable them to live a life without flare-ups and drugs so that they can optimise their current health and minimise their risk of future illness.”