Richard Laker

GNM Certified Clinician

Richard Laker is the UK’s leading GNM certified clinician (German New Medicine) with over a decade of clinical experience working with patients.

In 2010 Richard’s life took an unexpected direction due to chronic health conditions namely fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Having provided technical support for Ilsedora Laker, Dean of the GNM Institute, for a decade prior to these health conditions, he was fortunate to experience his first GNM consultation with her to address his health challenges.

This experience was a life changing moment. Not only did the majority of his symptoms resolve immediately,  but it was an epiphany that lead to a new direction in his career path. From this moment, Richard made the decision, under the guidance and mentorship of Ilsedora, to learn and practise the GNM in order to enable his patients to experience a similar paradigm shifting experience.

Richard has assisted many people overcome a wide range of health conditions and through his passion for the GNM has also encouraged others to follow a path of learning GNM for themselves.

Richard’s role as a clinician could be best described as a health detective. For those that intuitively feel that a defining moment in their life could be responsible for their decline in health, Richard will explore and explain the significance of the patient’s personal experience and perception of events to help enable the mind and body to heal as necessary.