Edwige Cabanetos

Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology, LDBA Qualified, DipCHT and a RICTAT member

“Developing and expanding my consciousness has been an ongoing process ever since I realised my health was my most precious ally in life. Having a balanced health allows one to be more present, and frees you to help others as well as enjoying what life has to offer. A jeopardized health kills one’s light, bringing extra worries, negativity, and mental strains, accumulating ailments, and leads to more health issues”.

Edwige gained her experience in complementary, and Alternative Medicine from her own health recovery journey. She had to deepen her knowledge on detoxification, fasting, stress-management, and chronic inflammation linked to her gut’s issues as she had consequently been dealing with debilitating ailments since her early childhood.

Being brought up with a strong Allopathic Medicine approach, she realised in her younger adulthood that all she kept doing was going back and forth to her GP. Pharmaceuticals and over the counter medicine were prescribed regularly for her ailments. Year after year, she noticed that her ailments remained in a chronic state, rather than being eradicated. The gap between each use became less and less in keeping the pain at bay or to at least manage it. It was her state of mind at the time, and a never ending vicious cycle.

“Reading a book on nutrition in 2002 was literally a mind-blowing experience for me. Everything that has happened since has stemmed from that time.

The very decisive moment that gave me the confidence to take back control of my health was after I shared my progress with my GP, as I was back yet again for another thrush issue. I had been educating myself on the medicinal healing effects of nutrition, and lifestyle choices, applying what I had learnt, and getting less frequent thrush occurrences.

As a result of this I asked if I could get her support on this new approach rather than continuing with the pharmaceutical way. She said that it was nothing to do with nutrition, and that I should take the antibiotics as it would be the only way to clear out the thrush.

That was it for me! From that day onwards, I would only visit my GP for diagnostics. It took up to 5 years to get my health back and since then, I promised myself that I would never take my health for granted. It was a conscious decision. The chronic state that I was in, taught me to address the underlying issues.

I then came across the science of Epigenetics and a whole new world opened up. I gained a deep understanding on new methodologies on how to take back control of my own health, and applied it to my techniques with great success.

In 2007, I decided to start my formal education with The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and completed a 3 year diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition. My journey toward wanting to help others regaining control of their own health started then and has been ongoing ever since.

While educating myself on nutrition, I came to understand that doctors only touched on nutrition for 12 days within their 7 years of medical schooling!

It made so much sense as to why my GP wasn’t open to this field back then as it wasn’t really offered to her. The great news is that the scientific community has now caught up with the value of nutrition. As I explored various ways in which to approach the restoration of my health, I came across Integrative Medicine as it was introduced to the public. A new era and what an exciting one!!

My belief is that when your health gets disrupted, don’t wait too long to tackle it. It will only make your body scream louder, and with the adaptive state that you allow yourself to be in, your body will continue to compensate in whatever way it can to keep you going and likely to cause further ailments.

This never ends well… so, don’t delay, get help! Seek an opinion from your GP, therapist, or alternative health practitioner. It’s good to have more than one opinion, as the more informed you are, the more likely you will make better decisions moving forward.

Feel your body, address your emotions and trust your inner wisdom – your mind will do the rest. It’s your body and only you know it, and what’s best for it – you only get one! There is nothing more empowering than feeling alive from within.

My aspirations since working in the holistic field has been the opportunity to work side-by-side with an Integrative Medicine Doctor. Being part of Dr Forbes team is a real privilege and a dream of mine that’s become true!”

Formal Training

  • Biomedicine Cert in Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.
  • Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London.
  • Diploma in Reflexology with extended training in Spinal Reflexology, Reflexology in Preconception, Pregnancy and Post-Natal Care, and Indian Head massage with Louise Keet at the London School of Reflexology, Regent’s College, London.
  • Diploma in Colonic hydrotherapy with Galina Imrie at The school of Chi, Maidenhead, UK.
  • Diploma in Essential Oil Therapy with Gabriel Mojay at the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy at Regent’s University, London.
  • Diploma in Live and Dry Blood Analysis with Brina Eidelson and Shirah Mustarde, Cambridge UK.
  • Postgraduate with The London College of Clinical-Hypnosis.

Other modalities she has used and learnt from throughout her journey includes Red-light Therapy, UV-B light Therapy, Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Tao, Self-hypnosis and Creative Visualisation, Cardiac Diaphragmatic Breathing Techniques, Bio Resonance and Heart Rate Variability device usage, Supplement and Nutritional Support, and Spiritual Practices.

I use Live Blood Analysis and Colon Hydrotherapy as the main treatments to help me see the inner picture of someone’s health. The LBA can provide a picture of your health before and after CH.

Colonic Hydrotherapy will accentuate the ‘mind/gut connection’ whilst the gut gets cleansed. It is a real catalyst for shifting one’s mindset. It happened to me, and it happened to hundreds of people I have had the privilege to facilitate throughout this therapy.

Live Blood Analysis will allow you to make the emotional connection within, seeing your ‘river of life’ flowing, carrying oxygen, water and nutrients that we all intuitively know and it encourages yourself to be aware of your health.