Medical Tests

Any Functional Medicine or Conventional Medicine test can be ordered for you in the form of blood, urine, stool, breath or saliva. You will then be given your reults and offered an appointment either by phone or in person to receive an interpretation of the results and a plan of action. Referrals can be made for imaging requests and other hospital tests as needed as I work closely with local doctors offering this service.


The majority of blood tests can now be reliably done through fingerprick samples that can be sent to you to do at home. Urine, stool, saliva, breath and hair testing can also be done at home.

‘Baseline’ blood tests

Hormone profiles

Vitamin and minerals (limited)

‘Well-woman’ and ‘Well-Man’ checks

‘Tiredness and fatigue’ screen

Infection screen

Allergy tests

Fertility checks

Erectile dysfunction tests

Diabetes check

Cancer markers

Hair loss check

Lifestyle markers

Immune function check

Inflammation levels

Food intolerance tests

Toxic metals screen

Genetic testing

Gut microbial analysis

It is best to book a consultation to discuss the best tests for you, but if you are clear on what you need then any of these tests can be arranged remotely and a follow-up consultation can be arranged to discuss the results.