Dr. Forbes and Orassy Health are the first to introduce Plasmolifting to the UK, a unique and powerful therapeutic approach that utilises the body’s own plasma as a natural healing agent to restore the body’s tissues. It is a safe and effective therapy from Germany, with stable and reproducible results. Plasma is considered a very ‘intelligent’ substance: it ‘knows’ what is needed to be done in the body. It contains over 30 types of growth factors, which are substances that facilitate one of the body’s most important healing mechanisms. Growth factors are essential for tissue regeneration, regulating cell growth and division, and helping to clear the body of damaged cells.

Plasma therapy is already available in the UK in the form of PRP, but is confined to the realm of Aesthetic Medicine (facial anti-ageing mostly) as insufficient plasma can be extracted from this technique for a wider scale treatment approach. In contrast, Plasmolifting allows for the substantial extraction of a very stable type of plasma, with no extra blood taking required. Additionally, PRP keeps mainly the platelet component, whereas Plasmolifting produces a more diverse and effective plasma. This plasma contains more platelet types (inactive, active and post-activation) producing a higher number of growth factors, but also the other complex healing elements of plasma, such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for tissue regeneration processes, which are missing from PRP.  Plasmolifting produces an injectable form of plasma that can be universally used for any type of tissue regeneration. Research demonstrates a 60% improvement after one year following just one course of treatment.

A simple blood sample is taken, the blood is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma. The plasma is then re-injected into diseased sites. This ignites an instant and rapid healing process, as the growth factors are released directly to the site that requires healing. Essentially, this is just a highly concentrated, ‘boosted’ version of what already occurs in the body. A remarkably effective natural therapy that uses only the body’s pre-existing innate intelligence, with a helping hand from modern science.

For optimising tissue regeneration, this therapy is great for the skin, hair and joints in particular. Frequency and recommended treatment duration depend on the presenting problem. Treatment frequency is every 7-30 days, and typically six sessions are required, giving long-lasting results.

Price : £125 for 30 minutes (1 vial), £300 for 1-hour (4 vials). Additional vials are charged at £23.50 each.