**COVID-19: During the current situation, many services are still available online and many tests can be arranged to be taken at home.

Video Consultations

Online Video Consultations are available. For an initial consultation, it is best to do this in-person at the clinic, but follow-ups can be done by video consult if needed.


This consultation offers you a way to best determine your body type. From there you will discover the best diet and supplement protocol for your individual type.

The theory and research around body-typing have been around for the last 50+ years. In the past, your body type was determined by a long questionnaire. Now, a more scientific approach to body-typing has been developed. This allows for greater accuracy and even better results.

We all have different body types, and as such, when it comes to diet and lifestyle, ‘no one size fits all’. This is why different people have varying successes with different diets.

During this process, your body type determines the best diet and supplement regime for you. Depending on your body type, the presence or absence of certain enzymes will be affecting your metabolism and overall health. Different body types are more prone to certain health conditions for this reason. By sorting out the right diet according to your type and supplementing with type-specific enzymes and probiotics, you can begin to support your health in an optimal way. No more guesswork! If you have a health condition, there will be a protocol specific to your illness.

The diet is very easy to follow and not too prescriptive at all. The enzyme therapy not only resolves many digestive issues, it also assists to clean out cells and tissues from the deposited waste matter that accumulates over time due to poor digestion and the modern lifestyle. As such, this can really help with pain conditions and inflammation. Early research is showing that this approach is great for weight loss, lowering cholesterol and reducing the oxidative stress responsible for premature ageing and its related health conditions. This is a very good starting point for anyone that wants to start to shift from their current health status.

Price: £150 (45-minute consultation)

*Please note: the dietary protocol recommendation is included in this consultation. Supplements need to be purchased separately.


Dr. Forbes runs a Natural Cosmetic Clinic, addressing all of your cosmetic needs through natural processes. This includes:

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

Tailored to your specific requirements. People notice very quickly improvements in their skin, vitality and youthfulness- it’s why all the stars have it!

See ‘Cosmetic Protocols’ on the IV Nutrient Therapy page.

Plasmolifting for Face, Neck, Hands and Gums

Anti-ageing and improves blemishes and damaged skin

  • Facial & other skin cosmetology: 4 treatments, spaced 2 weeks apart.
  • Gum disease: 1-2 sessions, spaced 7-10 days apart.

Plasmolifting to Scalp for Hair Loss

  • Scalp (hair loss): 4-8 treatments, spaced 10-14 days apart.

Scenar device application for a ‘non-surgical facelift’

This completely non-invasive device utilises nerve impulse mimicry to stimulate neuropeptide release and protein production. This leads to tissue regeneration and glowing, younger-looking skin. This is great for those that can’t stand the needles, but also to run alongside the IV Nutrient Therapy and Plasmolifting to really maximise the regenerative process.

Nutrition Programmes

Tailored to your individual body type, and an essential aspect of any successful anti-ageing programme.

Relaxation and Stress Management training and therapies

Stress is well-known to rapidly accelerate the ageing process. Learning to relax the body and mind slows this process dramatically, and can knock years off you on the inside and outside. Dr. Forbes works closely with a highly trained team of specialist therapists and state-of-the-art devices to achieve just this (www.orassyhealth.com).

Please enquire for further information and to book a short consultation to assess your individual needs. See individual treatment sections for further information and prices.


This is a 2-hour consultation in which all of your health concerns are addressed from an Integrative Medicine perspective. It is primarily for those with chronic health problems. The causes of a chronic health condition are multi-factorial and it often takes years to develop. This is why there is rarely a quick fix, and many aspects need to be addressed. In this consultation, all aspects of your health are considered to include your full medical history, nutrition and other lifestyle factors, beliefs and cognition, emotional balance, environmental toxicity, and relationships. This will enable a deeper understanding of your health blocks, and the direction needed to proceed in order to reclaim your health.

Included in the consultation:

  • Analysis of blood results*
  • Blood pressure
  • Salivary pH
  • Urinalysis
  • Medical examination if indicated
  • Arrangement of Functional Medicine tests if needed
  • Body Typing Assessment with diet and nutritional supplement protocol devised according to your individual needs
  • A personalised health programme based on the outcome of the consultation.

Initial Consultation (2-hours):£350

Follow-up Consultation (1-hour):£200

*Blood tests need to be booked separately at additional but heavily discounted cost.


If you feel that you do not need the full Integrative Medicine consultation to address all aspects of your health condition then shorter Holistic Medicine consultations are available. For example, you may have a mild or simple health complaint you are simply looking for some advice on and begin a simple treatment plan.

30-minute Consultation £100

1-hour Consultation £200



Toxic chemicals pollute our modern lifestyle. They are often found in our food (e.g. pesticides and processing techniques), tap water, medicines and vaccines, transport and factory emissions, household, DIY and cosmetic products, farming, and gardening chemicals to name but a few!

Following their ingestion, inhalation, or absorption by the skin, they can difficult for the body to fully eliminate, and begin to slowly accumulate in our tissues, eventually contributing to organ dysfunction, as they interfere with the body’s normal, healthy processes.

There are many symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. Fatigue/tiredness, irritability, poor memory, ‘brain fog’, poor sleep, lack of concentration are just some of the most common. The symptoms often arise over time and are either due to sluggish detoxification pathways, making it difficult to effectively eliminate toxins, and/or due to heavy exposure, such as in the case of mercury amalgam fillings continually leaking mercury into the bloodstream. In both cases, it is necessary to identify and remove sources of ongoing chemical exposure as well as to provide the body with maximum support to eliminate toxins stored in the tissues.

There are several ways in which we can help our bodies to detoxify from heavy metals. The best known of these include vegetable juicing, fasting, drinking plenty of healthily filtered water, aerobic exercise, salt baths, sweating, and nutritional supplements to support the bowels and liver in particular.

Children’s Detox Programme

The umbilical cord blood of babies has been tested and found to contain over 200 chemicals that shouldn’t be there. Those that can cause harm to the body are known as toxins and can interfere with normal cellular functioning. This can contribute to hormone problems, neurological disorders, gut disorders, autoimmunity, and cancers.

We need to support babies and children as much as possible to eliminate these toxins. They are more vulnerable to the damaging effects as their bodies are still developing.

The programme includes:

  • Consultation with Dr. Anna Forbes to identify toxic exposure, toxicity-related symptoms, hereditary components, and to review lifestyle and environmental factors
  • Hair and Urine Toxic Metal testing
  • Diet and Supplement Protocol to support detoxification pathways and gut health
  • Scientifically-proven herbal remedy programme for effective but gentle heavy metal detoxification*
  • Scenar treatment for further cellular and detoxification support

*other herbal protocols also available as required, e.g. gut repair, adrenal support etc.

Initial Consultation: 1 hour £200

Follow-up Consultations (30 minutes): £100

Tests and treatments priced separately:

  • Hair Mineral and Toxic Metal Testing – £54
  • Urine Toxic Elements Screen – £100
  • Herbal Remedy Programme – price dependent on age, weight and clinical situation

Adult Detox Programme

There are many symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. Fatigue/tiredness, irritability, poor memory, ‘brain fog’, poor sleep, lack of concentration are just some of the most common. The symptoms often arise over time and are either due to sluggish detoxification pathways, making it difficult to effectively eliminate toxins, and/or due to heavy exposure, such as in the case of mercury amalgam fillings continually leaking mercury into the bloodstream. In both cases, it is necessary to identify and remove sources of ongoing chemical exposure as well as to provide the body with maximum support to eliminate toxins stored in the tissues.

The process is the same as for the Children’s Detox Programme, but using different herbs and supplements and of higher dosages. It also includes:

  • Blood testing for Heavy Metals
  • Intravenous Nutrient Therapy* (see section below)
  • Far Infrared Sauna

*This can be used alongside the herbal programme or instead of it.

Initial Consultation (1.5h): £275

Follow-up Consultations (45 mins): £150

Tests and treatments priced separately:

  • Blood testing for heavy metals – £251 (unavailable during COVID-19, use urine and hair testing instead as above)
  • IV Ultimate Detox Protocol – see prices under Intravenous Nutrient Therapy
  • Far Infrared Sauna – £38 per session


The gut and the skin are closely linked, as often the skin is expressing what is out of balance in the gut, for example in Leaky Gut Syndrome or Intestinal Permeability, and when there is a loss of gut microbial balance. In addition, the nervous system and the gut are highly correlated, for example when we are in a state of stress we may experience diarrhoea, constipation, gas, pain or bloating. This is because the gut produces a vast number of our neurotransmitters. The skin is also well associated with the nervous system, as both grow in the same embryological layer in the developing foetus. 

So with both skin and gut health issues, we need to address one’s stress and anxiety levels, as well as working on healing the gut. To heal the gut we need to restore good bacterial balance through the right diet and supplement programme, detoxify the gut for which also turn to diet and supplements but also the use of far infra-red sauna and Intravenous Nutrient Therapy is very beneficial. We can also use IV Nutrient Therapy to replace essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, important both for the repair of the gut lining, but also in nutrient deficiency brought about by problems with absorption due to the damaged gut. Specific dietary and supplement protocols are also required for repair of the gut lining to address the associated symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome/Intestinal Permeability, such as food intolerances, allergies, skin and joint complaints. The use of Biochemical Individualism is also very helpful here in ensuring that you are on the right diet and supplement protocol for your specific body type.

Initial Consultation (1.5h): £275

Follow-up Consultations (1h): £200


Pain can be acute (short-term) or chronic (longterm). This clinic attends to both types of pain, however, if it is a new pain you should have the cause of it investigated first by your GP. In a case of acute pain, for example, a joint or ligament injury, a short course of sessions can help you to speed up the recovery process and help with the pain. 


This revolutionary hand-held device is licensed for the treatment of pain in the UK and for relaxation purposes in the U.S. By mimicking nerve impulses, the Scenar device stimulates the release of the body’s own natural healing substances such as neuropeptides and growth factors, as well as ‘flagging’ damaged cells for repair so that the body’s healing systems can ‘see’ those cells that previously it couldn’t. Often only a half-hour session at a time is needed, as similar to the thinking of Chinese Medicine, a ‘less is more’ approach is best in this case.


In the case of musculoskeletal pain, especially joint pain, Plasmolifting therapy is a clinically proven treatment approach. Typically 6 sessions are required, and then you won’t need a repeat treatment for another 6 months to a year. This is an effective means of pain relief, but also helps to regenerate the cells, allowing for the growth of new healthy tissue. For further information please see the Plasmolifting section below.

Holistic Approach

In cases of chronic pain, in particular, it is well-known that a holistic approach is needed for a successful outcome. This is because there are different contributing factors to the condition:

Psycho-emotional factors

Addressing one’s emotional and mental state is an important aspect of pain modulation- your mindset, beliefs, emotional patterns, all of this makes up your ‘Life State’, and this directly impacts on your experience of pain.


If your body is in a chronic state of inflammation, or you have a lot of stimulants such as caffeine in the diet, this will cause increased levels of pain. Helping you to create an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle will calm down your aggravated system.

Initial Consultation (1.5h): £275

Follow-up Consultations (1h): £200

The Healthy WAY-t Programme

This is a ten-week group programme (individual sessions available if preferred) which is a new and unique approach to weight management. Instead of focussing on calorie restriction, we work on improving diet quality, incorporating healthy fats to restore hormone balance and improve metabolism, as well working on your gut health which is directly linked with weight issues, as are levels of inflammation in the body which also need to be resolved. In addition to the physical aspects here, we also address the psycho-emotional and cognitive patterns associated with weight problems. A simple exercise programme and mindfulness techniques are also incorporated, teaching you all the skills you need to enjoy a healthy weight, healthy body and healthy mind for the rest of your life.

10-week programme (sessions last 2h): London *£500

*Price reduced to £355 and £299 respectively for both individuals if you bring a friend/relative or refer someone who books a place.

Private Initial Consultation (1.5h): £275

Follow-up Consultation (1h): £200


IVNT offers a direct and rapid path to detoxify the tissues. Glutathione and Vitamin C in combination is an immensely powerful way to achieve detoxification from heavy metals, cleaning up your system, and allowing for healthy organ function to resume. Alongside the use of IVNT, you may be recommended oral supplementation to aid with bowel cleansing to further aid in the detoxification process. Colonic hydrotherapy can also be used in conjunction with IVNT.

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy has been used successfully in private practice worldwide for decades. It has been mostly utilised in the worlds of Aesthetic Medicine and Sports Medicine for the simple reason that improving health makes you look better, and improves performance and recovery rates. Dr, Forbes trained in this therapy with one of the UK’s top experts in the field, Dr. Jacques Otto. It is usually used in Aesthetic Medicine, but here we offer a different application, with a focus on optimising the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and overcome a multitude of health problems in the most natural way, free from side effects. The best programme for this is often the Ultimate Detox and Nutrient Replenishment programme: an eight-week programme that allows for detoxification from heavy metal toxins, and full replacement of essential nutrients. Introducing essential nutrients directly into the vein bypasses the digestive system, and avoids issues with absorption. This means that IV nutrients reach significantly higher blood concentrations than even the highest doses of oral supplementation. When we take IV nutrients we achieve 100% bioavailability of the nutrient compared with only 10% by contrast with oral supplementation due to the limitations of intestinal absorption and hepatic elimination.

The results we see in IV Nutrient Therapy are almost immediate and extensive. Most people that have a course of therapy are very keen to continue with a maintenance programme (once a month), simply because of the considerable improvements they have experienced with their health and in the way that they feel. Emotional improvements, a general uplift in mood, and significantly higher energy levels are a common side effect! This simply reflects the well-known mind-body connection. Cleaning out the body and optimising plasma nutrient levels improves physical health, which improves mental and emotional wellbeing. Significant skin improvements are a very common consequence also.  IV Nutrient therapy can improve hormone balance, gut health, arterial health, immune function, musculoskeletal growth and repair, cognitive function, and can have a substantial anti-inflammatory effect.

See separate IV Nutrient Therapy page for prices


Dr. Forbes and Orassy Health are the first to introduce Plasmolifting to the UK, a unique and powerful therapeutic approach that utilises the body’s own plasma as a natural healing agent to restore the body’s tissues. It is a safe and effective therapy from Germany, with stable and reproducible results. Plasma is considered a very ‘intelligent’ substance: it ‘knows’ what is needed to be done in the body. It contains over 30 types of growth factors, which are substances that facilitate one of the body’s most important healing mechanisms. Growth factors are essential for tissue regeneration, regulating cell growth and division, and helping to clear the body of damaged cells.

Plasma therapy is already available in the UK in the form of PRP, but is confined to the realm of Aesthetic Medicine (facial anti-ageing mostly) as insufficient plasma can be extracted from this technique for a wider scale treatment approach. In contrast, Plasmolifting allows for the substantial extraction of a very stable type of plasma, with no extra blood taking required. Additionally, PRP keeps mainly the platelet component, whereas Plasmolifting produces a more diverse and effective plasma. This plasma contains more platelet types (inactive, active and post-activation) producing a higher number of growth factors, but also the other complex healing elements of plasma, such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for tissue regeneration processes, which are missing from PRP.  Plasmolifting produces an injectable form of plasma that can be universally used for any type of tissue regeneration. Research demonstrates a 60% improvement after one year following just one course of treatment.

A simple blood sample is taken, the blood is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma. The plasma is then re-injected into diseased sites. This ignites an instant and rapid healing process, as the growth factors are released directly to the site that requires healing. Essentially, this is just a highly concentrated, ‘boosted’ version of what already occurs in the body. A remarkably effective natural therapy that uses only the body’s pre-existing innate intelligence, with a helping hand from modern science.

For optimising tissue regeneration, this therapy is great for the skin, hair and joints in particular. Frequency and recommended treatment duration depend on the presenting problem. Treatment frequency is every 7-30 days, and typically six sessions are required, giving long-lasting results.

Price : £125 for 30 minutes (1 vial), £300 for 1-hour (4 vials). Additional vials are charged at £23.50 each.


The Scenar device has been successfully used worldwide for over 50 years and has transformed the practice of doctors and therapists alike. One doctor, on presenting its merits to the Royal College of Physicians remarked ‘This simple device would revolutionise the NHS’, which it would. It is licensed for the treatment of pain in the UK, but people find that it conveys many other health benefits as it stimulates the body’s innate healing pathways. By mimicking nerve impulses, it highlights damaged cells, flagging them for repair by neuropeptides and growth factors, and rapidly augmenting the recovery process. Its effect on pain seems little short of miraculous, as a five-minute treatment can often result in a dramatic reduction on the pain scale. Often people report feeling lighter, with a lift in mood, and sleep better as a result of the treatment.

Price (30 mins): £100


40 minute Far Infrared Detox Sauna.

Price: £38


1-hour of relaxation therapy or clinical hypnotherapy using Vitali-chi (an energy re-balancing device).

Price (1h): £150


Electro-photonic Imaging assessment of the energy status of your organs and the impact of your psycho-emotional state on your physical body (organs). Recommendations and a full report follow the assessment.

Price: £120


One-hour analysis of subconscious psycho-emotional blocks using muscle testing and a home therapy programme to help alleviate the issue.

Price: £200 (additional £80 to buy remedy for 4-week home programme. The remedy is yours to keep and lasts for years to utilise for further affirmation work)

All of the above services are offered as stand-alone products, or in any combination for a package price (please enquire with reception for these prices).