PDF Forms

Here you can find PDFs to read or others that will need to be filled-in before having an appointment with us using Acrobat Reader and saved ‘with your changes’. Please email the filled-in forms to us (email shown in the forms).

Note: Please DO NOT use the browser version of Adobe Acrobat Reader as there are font resizing issues in the PDF form-filling. Please download and use the desktop version which is free.

Alternatively, you can print out the forms, fill them in and post them to us. Please get in touch with us for the address.

The first PDF is Pre-Appointment Information for you to read that covers what we need from you before our consultation and also introduces you to the important subject of enzymes that play a crucial role in your health:

Integrative Health Assessment

For a comprehensive Integrative Health Assessment, we will require the following forms to be completed and returned to us before your Initial Consultation appointment (1.5-hours): Symptom Review Checklist, Comprehensive Health History Form, and Food & Exercise Diary.

Body Type Assessment

For a Body Type Assessment (45-minutes) or other shorter consultations, we require the following forms to be completed and returned prior to the appointment: Symptom Review Checklist, Body Type Assessment Form, and Food & Exercise Diary.

We appreciate there is a lot to fill in prior to the consultation, but this helps to maximise your appointment time so that the information is there before you start.