Integrative Health Assessment

Regain your health with an Integrative Medicine Health Plan

Are you tired of living with ongoing health problems, searching for real solutions instead of temporary fixes?

Unlike conventional, mainstream medicine which only manages negative health symptoms, Integrative Medicine looks at the patient ‘holistically’, as true health or wellness can only be achieved with this approach, by addressing the ‘root causes’ of the health issues. It uses an evidence-based approach to treat the whole person involving your mind, body, and soul.

Going much deeper than what conventional mainstream medicine offers, this will be an enlightening journey, you will learn many things along the way that will inspire you, and change the way at how you look at health – many health issues can be fixed!

Our Integrative Medicine Doctors, Dr Anna Forbes, and Dr Sheila Richards have extensive experience working with a wide range of issues including but not limited to gut health, immune response, hormonal imbalances, nutrition, and the mind-body connection, all of which can significantly impact your health.

Integrative Medicine is person-centred, balancing advanced specialised testing with empirical findings based on your feedback and experience. We’ll utilise data and testing to inform and guide us, but your personal journey will remain at the forefront of our approach. We’re guided by the knowledge that the body can repair and heal if given the right conditions, and we aim to equip you with the tools to achieve lasting health and wellbeing.

Integrative Medicine is healing-orientated…

Rather than being disease-focused.

The Step-by-Step Integrative Medicine Health Journey

We aim to bring you back to optimal health and wellbeing by using an integrative medicine approach. This involves assessing, identifying and resolving the root cause of your health concerns.


Before your appointment, you’ll share some important information about your history, diet, and lifestyle, and undergo a full baseline blood test.

This helps us prepare so you get the most from your session. The blood test is optional but it’s recommended to check physiological imbalances that may be corrected, and to give us our starting point.


You’ll meet with one of our expert doctors for an in-depth Integrative Health Assessment.

We’ll explore your symptoms, history, nutrition, lifestyle and emotional health, and assess the potential for other underlying factors such as environment, genetics, immune response and more. Our goal is to understand where you are in your health journey and identify factors that may be affecting your health and wellbeing so that they can be addressed or investigated further.


Within a week of your first appointment, you’ll receive a bespoke personalized Integrative Medicine Health Plan.

Each plan is different, but it may include dietary advice, supplement protocols, wellbeing practices, and further recommended testing. We might also suggest seeing one of our in-house practitioners for nutritional therapy, or a specific specialised test or treatment.


You’ll start to implement the strategies in your Health Plan to begin your journey to better health.

You can do this independently, or opt into our 18 week ‘IM Support Programme’, led by your Integrative Medicine Doctor, and delivered by our Functional Nutritional Therapist, Marie Cherrett, where you’ll receive regular support and guidance to keep you on track.


You’ll keep us up to date as you progress, meeting with your Integrative Medicine Doctor to interpret results, address any changes to your health or review your plan.

You may continue treatment with another practitioner if needed. If all is well, we recommend a review at 3, 6 & 12 months. We’re always here, and you can request a session at any time.

Further Information

Is an Integrative Health Assessment right for me?

Patients engage with our Integrative Medicine Health service for a variety of reasons. Some are living with pain, chronic illness, or unexplained symptoms that conventional medicine has dismissed. Others are seeking the reassurance of an actionable Integrative Medicine Health Plan, or tailored advice about which complementary therapies and treatments might be most beneficial.

We encourage you to engage with the service that feels right but we recommend an Integrative Health Assessment if you’re struggling with a chronic health condition.

Our Integrative Medicine Doctors, Dr Anna Forbes, and Dr Sheila Richards have a wealth of experience working with a diverse range of conditions from autoimmune diseases, diabetes, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders to thyroid imbalances. They can create a tailored Integrative Medicine Health Plan that leverages the expertise across our specialist practitioners to best support you.

What can I expect from my Integrative Health Assessment?

An Integrative Health Assessment differs from the conventional health assessments you may have experienced in the past. Although we do work with physiological markers in the body, like blood results, you won’t receive a hands-on ‘physical’ at your Health Assessment. Instead, we’ll focus on the fundamentals starting with your health concerns, your medical history, and the experiences that have brought you to us alongside interpreting the results of any testing we’ve recommended before your consult.

Following this, we’ll explore potential contributing factors such as nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, social-emotional wellbeing, mind-body factors and more.

Finally we’ll assess factors like environment (potential exposure to contaminants or toxicity), genetics, immune response, gut-health, and hormonal balance to understand whether specialised investigative testing is recommended.

We don’t diagnose or prescribe medications. Instead, we’ll focus on long-term solutions that support your body’s internal healing mechanisms.

We utilise a range of specialised functional medicine testing with trusted partners to support our investigations and deepen our understanding of the factors impacting your health. These can include:

  • Toxicity Testing.
  • Mould Exposure Assessment.
  • Hormonal Evaluation.
  • Mitochondrial Testing.
  • Immune System Testing & Micro Immunotherapy.
  • Gastro Intestinal Mapping & Gut-Health Optimisation.
  • Nutrigenomics Genetic.

You’ll receive an Integrative Medicine Health Plan within a week of your assessment including any details about further investigative testing. We may suggest treatment or testing and interpretation with another practitioner with a certain specialism if beneficial. Our recommendations are always optional and we’ll work with you to find a solution that feels right for you and suits your budget. We can also work empirically based on your feedback and experience if you’d prefer not to undergo testing. Your voice will be front and centre throughout your journey; the Integrative Medicine Journey is inherently collaborative.

If you’re ready to implement real changes to improve your health and wellbeing then our Integrative Health Assessment Service is for you.

Appointment Fees

We understand that cost can be a concern when seeking private alternative healthcare. The Baseline Blood Test is recommended for all patients before an Integrative Health Assessment, but we can also work empirically with your symptoms, and experiences if you’d prefer.

We recommend an in-person Initial Consultation if possible, but if not a video consultation will suffice.

Integrative Health Assessment Service

For the initial consultations you can choose either to be in-person at the Hale Clinic in London, or have a video (Zoom) call appointment instead.

Discovery Phone Call
(15 minutes)

To find out if booking a Full Health Assessment is right for you

Adult Integrative Health Assessment
(1.5 hours)

This includes the Doctor’s time reviewing health questionnaires and blood results prior to the consultation.

Initial Consultation

Includes a written Integrative Medicine Health Plan
(a week after consultation)

Child Integrative Health Assessment
(1 hour)

For 12 years old and under.
If there are any emotional factors, such as anxiety, past trauma, high levels of sensitivity, or any other psychosocial factors then please book the Adult Integrative Health Assessment instead, as it will need to be more in-depth.

Initial Consultation

Includes a written Integrative Medicine Health Plan
(a week after consultation)

Pre-Health Assessment
Baseline Blood Test 

Recommended to check physiological imbalances that may be corrected, and to give us our starting point.

Testing is provided by our trusted partner, Viva Health Laboratories at a location convenient to you.

Please note there is an additional small phlebotomy fee payable to our partner dependent on your location.
£255 (Excluding phelbotomy fee)

Follow-Up Reviews

This is either a (Zoom) video call, or a telephone appointment.

Follow-Up Reviews

(30 – 60 minutes)

Check-in to see how you’re progressing on Integrative Medicine Health Plan

Make adjustsments to the IM Health Plan if required
30 Minute (Zoom) Review £175
45 Minute (Zoom) Review £250
60 Minute (Zoom) Review £315

Short Phone Review
(15 minutes)

Feeback of Results

IM Support Programme

We’ve created the IM Support Programme for those who want the benefit of structured multi-disciplinary support and additional guidance as they work towards achieving their health goals. Led by your Integrative Medicine Doctor, and delivered by our Functional Nutritional Therapist, Marie Cherrett, you’ll receive additional support to implement your health plan, and fortnightly check-ins to help keep you on track.

IM Health Plan
Support Programme

After the initial 30-min Video Call, there are x8 Support Calls.

Initial 30-minute Video Call
for Health Plan Guidance

Fortnightly 15-minute Support Calls

Stay on Track in your Health Journey

IM Health Plan
Support (30 minutes)

One-off Support session.

Explore your Health Plan in depth

Receive additional guidance

Gain clear, actionable steps to follow your plan

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Start your journey towards optimal health today!

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The Integrative Health Assessment will either be with Dr. Anna Forbes or Dr. Sheila Richards.